It all begins in 1986 in Athens when Nikolaos Horevas, the founder of Simoun, creates his first hair removal product based on an old natural beauty recipe. A mixture of water and sugar, as pure and sweet as caramel that removes hair from the root leaving the skin clean and soft like velvet: halawa Simoun.

Striving for exceptional quality together with the combination of natural ingredients, Nikolaos Horevas firmly and successfully establish halawa Simoun in the Greek market.

In 1988 Simoun introduces an innovative idea in hair removal by creating a new product based on the successful recipe of halawa but used in a completely different way: halawa soft.

A pioneer in its field due to its new, easy, quick and practical use, creates a loyal customer base and its success helps in creating a complete product line of hair removal cosmetics with natural ingredients.

Today Simoun is a well-known brand name and the company has a leading position in consumer preferences locally and abroad.